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Carry-On Size (any updates are shown towards the end of this page)

Carry-on size regulations can be confusing. For a start they're also called "on board restrictions", "flight allowances", "cabin luggage rules" and there are several bodies issuing them!

This page attempts to summarise the position for UK outward bound travellers.

Firstly, The Dept of Transport ( 22/9/2006 ) defined cabin size luggage allowance as 56 x 45 x 25 cms., which includes all projecting wheels, pockets, and handles.

However, the International Air Transport Association ( IATA, Geneva ) gives out a regulation size as 50 x 45 x 20 cms., and to our knowledge has not altered this.

Passengers connecting to / travelling on U.S. airlines need to know that the Federation of American Airlines ( FAA ) has set their carry-on size as 22 x 14 x 9 INCHES....or approximately 56 x 35 x 23 cms.

PRACTICAL ADVICE: If you travel by scheduled airline from the UK, in business or first class, the Dept of Transport size should usually apply. There may be a different allowance for economy class.

European scheduled carriers may possibly use the IATA rules.

If you fly by charter or budget airlines, they make their own rules! Also weight is now a factor, and for example recently Monarch were putting any item over 10 kgs in the hold, regardless of size.

PLEASE NOTE: it's always advisable to check the allowances for cabin and hold baggage when you are booking flights.


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We are indebted to Alexandre Tuelle for an update of cabin size regulations on March 1st 2014.


British Airways :

Flybe : Dimensions have changed. It is now 55x40x23cm, 10 kg ->

Ryanair :

Monarch : It is now 56x40x25, 10 kg ->

Lufthansa : A piece of hand luggage may not be larger than 55 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm and may not weigh more than 8 kg. Foldable garment bags are an exception to this; they count as hand luggage up to a size of 57 cm x 54 cm x 15 cm. ->

EasyJet : 50x40x20 cm, guaranteed, and up to 56x45x25 cm with a risk that the luggage go in the hold on fully booked flights. No weight restriction applies as long as you can place and retrieve the cabin bag safely in the overhead lockers without assistance. ->

PLEASE NOTE: it's always advisable to check the allowances for cabin and hold baggage when you are booking flights.

Thanks to Denis for this info about Jet2 received on 31/7/09

Jet2's allowance is different from similar UK carriers:

Your best action is to CHECK CAREFULLY WHEN YOU BOOK.

This information has been compiled from various web-sites and personal experience, and anyone who wishes to up-date and improve it, please email as we would welcome your contribution.

We trust this is helpful and wish you safe journeys, and happy landings."

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