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  2. We will confirm the price, shipping cost, expected lead-times, and that it is in stock.
  3. If you decide to go ahead, we will request you pay using PayPal.
    You do not have to be a regular PayPal user - you'll note this is a totally secure payment method.
  4. We send all over the world, and use the most economical secure courier service for every individual order.

NB we are not responsible for any import taxes or additional charges levied in the destination country.

If you have any doubts, please check into our Customer Reviews or you can call or email us.

Jocelyn Ollett, Managing Director.   07397 141193

  Hi Joss
Happy New Year!
Thanks for sending Garment Bag in Chestnut Colour. [ 80 8001 "HARVARD" suiter ]
My Husband was very chuffed by his Christmas Present.
His words:- ‘ It was beautifully hand- crafted. Really well organised and has lots of room!’
He has been happily using it for his business travels.
Really appreciate all the help given to me through the order process.
Thanks again!
Shalini J. Jan 17th 2018 AUCKLAND NEW ZEALAND
Hi Joss
Just a quickie to say thank you so much for the super fast delivery.
The quality of the bag [ travel briefcase # 74969 ] was far, far beyond my expectations, almost too good to use!
Very nice indeed, extremely soft leather.....much softer and more supple than I had expected.
So, all round a great purchase with which I am thrilled to bits.
Thanks again and may I wish you and your family a very happy, peaceful and prosperous New Year.
Kindest regards
John C. [Eymet, Dordogne, France ] Dec 28th 2017

[ T 4154 - very popular Italian Cabin Bag ]

Hello Joss,
I just want to let you know that I have received the item and I am honestly Super happy with it!!
He's going to love it so so much!
I am going to order from you again soon for a female bag soon!!!
Thanks a ton!

Best Regards,
Chantal W. [ Singapore ] 6 SEP 2017

Hi Joss
Just to confirm my bag arrived this evening and I am delighted with it!!
[ Westaway Slim-line Leather Cabin Bag ]
Pleasure doing business with you!!!
Ill be in touch again no doubt!!!
Many thanks
Elaine S. [ Waterford ] April 28th 2017
hi, Joss.
I just received the bag. [ # 187954 Rolling Case ]
It’s gorgeous.
Well worth the hours and days and weeks I spent searching for one and finally finding it at The Bags.
My concern about possible zipper issues is totally assuaged.
The zippers on this bag run more smoothly than any bag I’ve ever used.
Great purchase. I’m very happy.
Thanks for all your help with the order.
Michael A [ CHULA VISTA - USA ] Feb 17th 2017

Hi Joss -

thank you so much for the successful processing of my order:
Both bags arrived within a few days and I am very happy with their quality and style.

I suppose you would not mind my spreading word about your reliable business here in Switzerland to friends and others that may be interested in purchasing excellent quality bags at a fair price.

Thanks again for your affable and dedicated style that is much appreciated

kind regards Stefan L [ Winterthur - Switzerland ] Sep 10th 2016

Thank you.
I received the bag yesterday. [ # 87801 briefcase ]
Love it.

Regards, Martin M [ Singapore ] Feb 16th 2016
Delivery to Singapore took 5 days.

Hi Joss
Just thought you’d like to know that the bag has arrived safely and it is beautiful. [ PT 4154 Italian leather holdall ]
I am very pleased with it and I know that my husband will be too when he receives it on his birthday.
Thank you so much for your helpfulness and the efficient service.

Kind regards
Maria B. [ Auckland - New Zealand ] Jan 27th 2016
Delivered by courier in 7 days.

Confirming that the bags have arrived. [ Pair of Italian holdalss PT 5154 + PT 4151 ]
They are perfect, and will now spend their time travelling around Asia.
Thanks for sorting it all out to ensure delivery before my flight home.
The express delivery fee was great value for money.
All the best
Perry N [Singapore] 8 Jan 2016
{ Please note we can deliver in most parts of the UK before noon for £11.95 }
Thank you very much. [ purchased # 187954 ]
I am very thankful for quality and service.
Sergei K. [ Chamousseau ] Oct 30th 2015
Thank you.
Your bag [ 188971 cognac rolling suitcase ] is perfect.
I appreciate it.
Mehdi B. [ Jarfalla, Sweden ] 9th Oct 2015
Many thanks – bag arrived today [PT 1404 Italian cabin bag] and I’m very pleased with quality and service.

John G.[ POLAND ] 7th SEP 2015

Please note we can ship worldwide from our UK depot.
This item was ordered on Wednesday morning 2nd Sep and arrived on Monday 7th.
Delivery cost depends on size / weight and destination, but is usually £15 - £25 - and quick!

I ordered a travel bag from your company a few years ago and I am really satisfied with it.
It was a great bargain (£50 at that time), it lasts well, it is very  useful and I got some compliments and people asking where I bought it!
Best regards
Arthur B. [ Lissieu, France ] Sep 2nd 2015
Thank you very much for your customer service.
This was more than expected and is truly appreciated. Not only did the quality of your product impress me but your service as well.
I will be sure to continue buying my leather bags from you.
Thank you
Dr. Guillermo A. [ South Carolina ] 28th August 2015.
Hi Joss,
I've just received the parcel. [ # 2081 XL travel bag ]
Thanks so much for your assistance on this purchase, the color is gorgeous, and I'm really proud of my new toy...
Best regards
Sophie E [ PARIS ] July 9th 2015
Please note we can deliver to France in 2-3 days - it's not expensive.
Thank you Joss.
Yes the first delivery was received on 22nd and i am so pleased with the 2 large luggages. [ PT 4154 Italian holdalls ]
Beautiful colour & quality :-)
I was concerned that the second delivery wasnt going to arrive as the address looked incorrect but fortunately it did arrive today without any hitches.
Another absolutely gorgeous bag! [ # 8100 shoulder bag ]
Thank you for all your time, patience, assistance, advice & excellent email communication.
I would definitely purchase from you again in the future!
from a very happy customer.
Margaret S. [ NSW, Australia ] June 25th 2015
Hi Joss,
Thank you, package [ # 47292 Travel Organiser ] arrive at april 6, 2015.
Good product
Thank you
Akhmad G [ INDONESIA ] 9th April 2015
Dear Ms. Ollett,
Many thanks for your correspondence regarding the PT3154 Cabin Bag.
Apologies for the late reply.
I was delighted to receive the order on Saturday April 4th.
It meets my needs perfectly.
With best regards,
Mayumi Y. [JAPAN] April 12th 2015
# 828 Westaway travel holdall.

Just received the above order, great bag and I am also pleased with the
quick delivery to Jersey.
Thanks very much.
John P. [ Jersey ] April 4th 2013

Received my travel bag Thursday. .[ Westaway 882 holdall shipped to Eire in 3 days ]
From placing order to receiving bag was very quick and efficient. Really well pleased with bag. Looks and
feels quality. Well made, stylish and strong. Could not fault it. Many useful additional features. Would have quite happily paid £150-£200 for this item had I physically seen it in the flesh (leather) rather than internet photograph.

Brian Lee Ireland 15th March 2013

I have got the packet from You today - thank You wery much -
The trevelling-bag was "superb" # 87890
Again - thank You wery much!
Ellen S. Norway 11th March 2013

I just received the bag (LBC 18810L - LARGER LEATHER GLADSTONE CABIN BAG ) after few days from order and I have to say that it just looks great!

Fast delivery and great value for money. [ Delivery to Finland in 3 working days ]

Best Regards

Harri L [ FINLAND ] 25th Feb 2013

Hi Joss
The bag has arrived and it's beautiful!! [ Ruitertassen # 2131 ]
Once again thanks for your great customer service and attention to detail.
Lesley B (Sydney) 9th Nov 2012

Unhappy Customer, correspondence In Full.
The clients name has been edited out and will only be revealed with his written permission.
He demanded that this transaction and our very bad service should be made public.
Please read on................ from original order to conclusion

From: Joss Ollett <>
To: A M
Sent: Saturday, September 29, 2012 1:53 AM
Subject: RE- CONFIRMS: Your order from The Leather Travel Bag Co.UK

Dear Mr M, thank you for your order. INV FZ 1370
Your order reference is 200991

Customer Information   Delivery Address
Mr A M
San Francisco
  Mr A M
San Francisco
Your Order FZ 1370 - VAT @ Zero Rate - USA export
Delivery £32.61
Total £140.90
We hope you're really satisfied with this purchase: if not, please contact us promptly. Every order is valued, and we care about what we're doing for you. In the future we will be offering you a wider range of fine quality leather products, so please pay our web shop another visit soon,
Thank you for this order and your custom.
Andrew & Jocelyn Ollett, Directors.
"Quality New Products - Old-Fashioned Service"
Catalyst Case Co Ltd, Westaway House, Church Road, Old Malden, Surrey, KT4 7RD - 07397 141193

From: A M
To: Joss Ollett
Sent: Saturday, October 13, 2012 12:45 AM
Subject: Re: RE- CONFIRMS: Your order from The Leather Travel Bag Co.UK

I just got bag today.You send me absolutely different BAG!!!! The leather is much darker and its diffrent leather quality.It doesnt look new at all!That is not what I order. I need full refund(including shipping fee) or you send me the correct bag!!
I need you response ASAP

Thanks, A M

From: Joss Ollett <>
To: A M
Sent: Saturday, October 13, 2012 1:33 AM
Subject: REF FZ 1370: Your order from The Leather Travel Bag Co.UK

Thx for your email.

Please note you ordered the style "CHARLES" # CH 48 in dark brown, as shown on your order.
Our records show that this was the item packed and sent.

It does come in a lighter colour, chestnut...did you order correctly?

Would you please advise what was on the ID label that was attached to your order.
Also a photo of the item would be very helpful at this point.

Jocelyn Ollett.

From: AM
To: Joss Ollett
Sent: Sunday, October 14, 2012 1:43 AM
Subject: Re: REF FZ 1370: Your order from The Leather Travel Bag Co.UK


CH 48 - ASHWOOD LEATHER CABIN BAG - MAX SIZE-That what I ordered.The bag I received has absolutely different look from the picture you POSTED.My bag is dark chocolate color and made of dim leather( on the photo is shiny leather)It is really essential to me the leather type,I wouldnt buy the bag if i knew it comes in this leather.I attached pictures of bag I ordered(the one you posted and attached to my invoice) and pictures of the bag you sent!

I definitely dont want this bag! If you can gurantee to send me the bag JUST LIKE ON THE PICTURE I'll take it if not then I need a full refund

Thanks, A

From: Joss Ollett <>
To: AM
Sent: Sunday, October 14, 2012 2:08 AM
Subject: Reply: REF FZ 1370: Your order from The Leather Travel Bag Co.UK

Thx for your further email.

It is clear to us that you ordered CH 48 in dark brown.
See the confirmation email below [on this page it is shown above], which is the automated response to your order for you to check.
You checked it, because you noted a letter missing in your street address.

Please check our webshop.
When you read the description, and look at the picture gallery, it is clear that the style comes in two options.
I repeat.
You ordered dark brown, and that was sent to you.

If you wish to return the item for a refund, it must be unused, in mint condition, with tickets.
The cost of return is your responsibility.

Alternatively, we suggest you sell the item you have received - Craigs List - Gumtree - eBay are means of doing so.
Then if you order CH48 in chestnut, we will deliver it.

Joss Ollett.

From: AM
To: Joss Ollett
Sent: Sunday, October 14, 2012 5:28 PM
Subject: Re: Reply: REF FZ 1370: Your order from The Leather Travel Bag Co.UK

Sounds like you have an great experiance in this bussiness.You web site is partial scam because items that you ship arent the same that you posted online .The item I received is diffrent from the picture and I dont need it. Its also not professional to advice me to sell it on ebay or craigslist.Well,Im going to ship it tomorrow back to you.Bag is in the same condition I received it with tag and everything.I need exact address where should I ship it

You will receive the tracking number shortly.
Also,I'd like to leave a feedback on you website about the business that you do and about the customer service you provide.How can I do it?


From: Joss Ollett <>
To: AM
Sent: Sunday, October 14, 2012 10:46 AM
Subject: RESPONSE: REF FZ 1370: Wrong Colour Ordered

Thx for your email.

Unfortunately you choose to use the word "scam" in relation to our website.
No need for you to consult your lawyer for advice that is very regrettable you put this in writing.

Should you use that expression again, or any other undeserved defamatory remark about our business anywhere, please be aware that we value our reputation very highly indeed. For the moment, we will let the matter rest.

May we point out that we make nearly ten thousand professional transactions annually, approximately 15% going to overseas customers. Please read our CUSTOMER REVIEWS.

As most of our products are available in 2 or 3 or 4 colours, this choice is made very obvious to potential buyers.
The item you bought clearly states that there are two colours and different leather finishes in the very first lines of the description.
It shows both colours clearly labelled in the picture gallery, and shows two options to select from when you buy.

We have sold over one hundred pieces of this same style to other clients without any problem with the colour selection at the check-out.
You received a confirmation, and did not recognise your error.
If you ordered the other colour, it would have been shipped.

Our suggestions about re-sale of the item were intended positively, and again we regret your response.

We are ready to print all your feed-back comments in full on our website.
It will include this full correspondence so readers can see exactly what has happened.

The return address for this item is to our Surrey office.

The Leather Travel Bag Company
Westaway House
38 Church Road
Worcester Park
KT4 7RD.

Jocelyn Ollett.

From: AM
To: Joss Ollett
Sent: Sunday, October 14, 2012 7:16 PM
Subject: Re: RESPONSE: REF FZ 1370: Wrong Colour Ordered this bag I ordered.The picture of this BAG YOU ATTCHED TO MY INVOIVE NOT THE ONE I RECEIVED.Why do you claim that the color is dark brown on the is not dark brown !!You attached this picture to my invoice and I assumed that the bag will come in the same style and color! I received dark chocolate color bag made with dim leather.On thre picture is gold brown with a shine leather.How will you explain this?


From: Joss Ollett
To: AM
Sent: Monday, October 15, 2012 8:02 AM
Subject: Re: RESPONSE: REF FZ 1370: Wrong Colour Ordered

Very simply there are pictures of this item in both chestnut and dark brown.

The first four lines of the description tells you that there are two colours to choose from.

Over one hundred other customers have bought the item successfully.

Most of the other styles we sell have 2,3 or 4 colours.
The confirmation we send always shows the lead shot colour-way.
Over seventy thousand customers have used this system without a problem.

This is the simple explanation, and as this correspondence does not seem to be leading anywhere, please return the item as discussed.

Jocelyn Ollett

From: Joss Ollett <>
To: AM
Sent: Wednesday, October 24, 2012 12:48 PM
Subject: Customer reviews.

Please note, if you wish, we will add to our "Customer Reviews" the exchange of email correspondence between us.

This will commence with your email on 13th Oct 12:45.
It will be shown in full. Every email - no deletions. A true record. Please advise if this is acceptable to you?

We will are quite willing to open this correspondence to public scrutiny if you are.

Jocelyn Ollett.

From: AM
To: Joss Ollett
Sent: Wednesday, October 24, 2012 9:31 PM
Subject: Re: Customer reviews.

No, I don't wish.I will send a review and I want you to publish it exactly in the way I wrote it without any of your revision or corrections.It is very strange to me that you don't have a free option for your customers to leave a feedback directly on your website.


From: Joss Ollett
To: AM
Sent: Thursday, October 25, 2012 2:24 AM
Subject: Re: Customer reviews

We started our webshops nearly seven years ago. At the time website feed-back wasn't something that was built-in.

So later we included customer reviews. We've printed the very occasional critical comment, we're not perfect - but the truth is the vast majority of what we receive is complimentary.

Look forward to your review, and will print it in The Leather Travel Bag Overseas Customer Reviews.


From: AM
To: Joss Ollett
Sent: Tuesday, November 06, 2012 8:01 PM
Subject: Re: Customer reviews.


The worth online shopping experiance ever!!! I was looking for a leather travel bag online and found this shop.I really liked one bag(CH-48 Dark Brown Chestnut) and I did order it..I could not order directly through the website because it appeared that website allowes only local delivery so I had to write an email to place an order for the local delivery and then they changed it to international.That part was really confusing and I didnt feel comfortable and safe doing it.Well,after week or week and a half I got my package..When I opened it I was shoked!! I got absolutely different item..The bag was totally diffrent from the one I saw online!!! Just different style,color,leather..everything!!!I immediately wrote message to the person I place an order with.He informed me that it is my fault because I ordered a wrong color and there is nothing he can do.He gave me two options: return bag(I had to pay $70 shipping cost) or sell it on ebay. That is not the way you treat customers!!!! I know what I ordered and they send me a wrong item claiming that they have ONE PICTURE FOR ALL COLORS. Meaning that most of the bags arent posted online and you never know what are you going to get in the end....And yes,I coulnt find photo of the bag they send me!!!
The most confusing websirte and the rudest customer service EVER! WILL NEVER COME BACK AND DONT RECOMMEND THIS SHOP TO ANYONE!


Hello !
Picked up the bag yesterday and I just wanted to say it looks great !
[ PT 4154 Italian cabin bag ]
Thank you for the great service.
Best regards,
Philip C. [ Stockholm ] 26 March 2012
The briefcase arrived promptly and was put right to work. [ # 87801 ]
The workmanship is great, and the layout is brilliant!
Two thing I noticed the very first day,
1: I now know were everything is and can find it with out unloading the whole bag.
2: I am no longer the last person to finish packing up at the end of the class.
I don't see how you can do it, but your bag was twice as nice and half the cost of any thing I could find here.
I will recommend you to anyone wanting to buy a proper briefcase that will serve them for years.
Thank you and good luck.
James W. [ British Columbia ] Feb 27th 2012
Thanks for the excellent service!
The bag [ # 8548 ] arrived exactly on time within a week to the US and was exactly what I was looking for.
I've already gotten many compliments on its subtle styling and have been talking up your service.
Thanks again!
Romel P [ Washington D.C. USA ] 11/11/2011
Subject: Thank you
I would like to thank you for your service.
Today I have received the bag (LBC 716), that I have ordered. I am very satisfied.
Speed of delivery to Czech Republic was excellent.
On Monday I have placed the order and on Wednesday the bag has arrived.
Very nice. I will recommend your shop to my riends.
Best regards,

Hi Joss,

Just to let you know I received my bag, [ # 18516 ] fantastic. Thanks again for all your help.

Kindest regards, Richard 05/03/2010

[ Air posted Monday...arrived in Germany on Friday ]

My man bag 18410 arrived on the 7th December, and is truly more than expected! Excellent - fabulous - wonderful! Thank you so much for your very understanding and prompt service. Anyone asking me when they can get the idea bag, I'll be telling them where to go FIRST.
Happy & Blessed Christmas
Graham - New Zealand 09/12/09
Rec'd today.
[ # 16019 and # 18548 ]
I love them. You can add me to your pleased customers list.
Art , New York. (01/10/09)
Dear Ms. Ollet,

The bag that I recieved so quickly is excelent and compact.
I wish you a successfull future business and a lot of customers satisfied with a quality range of products that you offer.

Thank you.

With kindest regards,
Ales M. (Slovenia) - 13/08/08

Dear Jocelyn Ollett

I received the briefcase [# 8716] from you today, and I'm very pleased!
Thank you very much for your very fine service and a high quality product.

Best regards,
Hanne-Luise DENMARK - 01/08/08

I am extremely pleased with my briefcase. Thank you. (# 8119 dark brown)
A bientôt

Estella (25/05/07)

General information: This is a family company. Every order is appreciated and we care about what we're doing for you. It's not just business, it's personal. As a specialist in a small corner of the huge UK retail / global internet market, we try our very best to offer what you've been searching for. We hope you will enjoy shopping with us.

Andrew & Jocelyn Ollett. Directors, The Leather Travel Bag Company


  This company adheres to a policy of offering high quality products at very keen prices. Excellent service at all stages of the transaction is the standard. A one year warranty comes with every product. Visit our Customer Reviews Page to see messages received about this company's products and performance.  

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